Arago: Classic Automobiles Issue

Classic Automobiles Issue

The Postal Service issued its Classic Cars commemorative stamp booklet on August 25, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan. The dedication ceremony was at Cobo Hall before the start of Stamp Show '88, the 102nd Annual Convention of the American Philatelic Society.

The stamp booklet featured the 1928 Locomobile, 1929 Pierce-Arrow, 1931 Cord, 1932 Packard, and 1935 Duesenberg. The booklet included four panes of five designs each, with subjects arranged from top to bottom in the order listed above.

From 1925 to 1942, the classic car was the rolling symbol of status and style. For many fortunate Depression-era buyers, more in a motorcar seemed better — more speed, more power, and more luxury. Though conservative in basic design, the large, fast cars of the period usually featured lavish appointments and the most advanced engineering of the time. Most were limited-edition production models, with exclusive styling and individual accents that reflected the taste of the car's owner.

Designed by Ken Dallison, the stamps were issued in panes of five stamps and printed in offset/intaglio process by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.


Postal Bulletin (July 28, 1988).

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