Arago: 25-cent North Carolina

25-cent North Carolina

A 25-cent Constitution Series commemorative stamp honoring the centennial of North Carolina statehood was issued on August 22, 1989, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

North Carolina's state flower, the dogwood, is spotlighted against a rich, black background.

Although North Carolina was next to last in voting for union, it was the first colony to call officially for independence from England in 1776. Later, although the last to vote for secession in 1861, this proud state gave the greatest number of troops to the Confederacy and suffered the most casualties of any southern state in the Civil War.

Until well into the nineteenth century, North Carolina was the most isolated and sparsely settled of the original thirteen states. With progressive governments and a strong commitment to education, the state steadily shed its Rip Van Winkle reputation as agriculture-related industries — tobacco products, furniture, and cotton textiles — came to prominence. Today, North Carolina is the most industrialized state in the new South.

Veteran designer Bob Timberlake, a North Carolina native and one of the South's most accomplished and widely recognized painters, created this dynamic design.

The stamps were printed in the photogravure process by the American Bank Note Company, and issued in panes of fifty.


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