Arago: Special Occasions Issue

Special Occasions Issue

The US Postal Service issued a Special Occasions stamp booklet in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 20, 1987. The booklet contains a single pane of ten multicolored 22-cent stamps carrying the messages, "Congratulations!" "Happy Birthday!" (each of which is featured twice, with the remaining designs shown once), "Best Wishes!," "Thank You!," "Get Well," "Keep in Touch!," "Love You, Mother!" and "Love You, Dad!" The stamps were classified as special issues because they remained on sale for a longer period of time than commemoratives. The design of the entire booklet pane of ten stamps was unveiled prior to the issuance, on September 30, 1986, at the annual convention of the Greeting Card Association in Napa, California.

The development of the unique Special Occasions booklet was prompted by requests to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee for stamps bearing meaningful 'messages,' matching the thoughts expressed in cards and letters, which could be used for special events such as Father's and Mother's Days, birthdays, weddings, and graduations.

Oren Sherman of Boston, Massachusetts, created the designs under the art direction of Richard D. Sheaff, a design coordinator for the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee. Jack Williams of the Postal Service served as the program manager for the project. The stamps were printed in the gravure process.


Postal Bulletin (March 19, 1987).

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