Arago: 1986 Christmas Issue

1986 Christmas Issue

The two 1986, special Christmas stamps were issued October 24, 1986, in separate locations.

The contemporary Christmas stamp was issued in Snow Hill, Maryland. The stamp, designed by Dolli Tingle, features a bright and cheerful winter village scene.

The traditional Christmas stamp was issued in Washington, DC. The stamp features the "Perugino Madonna," an oil-on-wood painted by Il Perugino. Pietro Di Cristoforo Di Vannucci was born near Perugino, Italy, around 1450. Because of Vannucci's long time residency in Perugino, he was better known as Il Perugino, "the Perugian."

Both stamps were printed in the photogravure process and issued in panes of 100.


Postal Bulletin (September 25, 1986,).


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