Arago: 5-cent Marin

5-cent Marin

Luis Munoz Marin (1898-1980), the first popularly elected Governor of Puerto Rico, is the subject of the first stamp in the Great Americans Series to incorporate new design features intended to better identify the honoree and highlight the denomination. These features were recommended by the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee in response to customer requests. The words "Governor, Puerto Rico," appear below a portrait of Luis Munoz Marin, with additional biographical information included in the selvage.

Luis Munoz Marin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and later worked as a writer and translator in New York City. In 1926, he returned to San Juan to edit the newspaper La Democracia, was elected to the Puerto Rican Senate in 1932, and founded the Popular Democratic Party in 1938.

In 1948, Luis Munoz Marin won the first popular election for governor of Puerto Rico. He was reelected three times, serving from 1949 until 1965. He is considered the chief architect of the unique self-governing commonwealth status achieved by Puerto Rico in 1952.

The 5-cent Luis Munoz Marin stamp was issued February 18, 1990, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Postmaster General Anthony M. Frank spoke at the dedication ceremony.

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