Arago: CBNCo, ABNCo & BEP Issues (1871-1897)

CBNCo, ABNCo & BEP Issues (1871-1897)

The printers of Newspaper and Periodical stamps from 1871-1897 represents an identical procession as with general postage stamps issued by the United States. When the contract for United States stamps transferred to National Bank Note Company from Toppan, Carpenter in 1861; National would be the company responsible for printing the first Newspaper and Periodical stamps. In 1871, the contract to print all United States stamps transferred to the Continental Bank Note Company. It would be Continental that would introduce the small format Newspaper and Periodical stamps, which would be printed until 1898. Continental consolidated with the American Bank Note Company in 1879, leaving the contract to the new company. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing took over the engraving and printing of all United States stamps in 1894. For their first year, the Bureau simply printed the previous American issues. In 1895, the Bureau "modernized" the appearances of the different Newspaper and Periodical stamp denominations. The Bureau also introduced several new denominations, including the highest to be printed, one hundred dollars.