Arago: Wildflowers Issue

Wildflowers Issue

Fifty colorful, blooming native plants dotted the philatelic landscape with the 29-cent Wildflowers commemorative stamps issued July 24, 1992, in Columbus, Ohio, host city for the AmeriFlora '92 International Floral and Garden Exposition. Each of the fifty states can claim one or more of the lovely wildflowers represented on the stamps.

The stamps were issued in panes of fifty different designs. The selvage of each pane includes a promotional message for a special Wildflower album, featuring fifty mint stamps and sixty-four pages of informative text and colorful artwork. Designed by Karen Mallary of Anacortes, Washington, the stamps were produced by Ashton-Potter America, Inc., in the offset lithography process.


Postal Bulletin (April 30, 1992/ June 25, 1992).

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