Arago: Space Accomplishments Issue

Space Accomplishments Issue

A broad spectrum of space exploration - past, present, and future - was displayed on the dramatic Space block of four commemorative stamps issued May 29, 1992, a joint issue with Russia, at the WORLD COLUMBIAN STAMP EXPO '92 in suburban Chicago, IL.

The se-tenant composite design for the 29-cent U.S. and the 25-ruble Russian blocks of four was developed in a joint collaboration by Robert T. McCall of Paradise Valley, AZ, and Vladimir Beilin of Moscow, Russia. The Space design featured most of the significant achievements in space exploration in the previous 35 years and gave equal emphasis to the achievements of each country.

The U.S. stamps were printed in the gravure process at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and were issued in panes of 50.

Reference: Postal Bulletin (May 28, 1992).

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