Arago: Presorted Rate "USA" Issue

Presorted Rate "USA" Issue

A 23-cent USA Presorted First-Class stamp, in coils of 10,000, was issued July 21, 1992, in Kansas City, Missouri. A second version with coils of 500 and 3,000 stamps was issued on October 9.

The letters USA appear in the upper half of the stamps as if they were made of chrome, reflecting the red, white, and blue of a windblown American flag. The words Presorted/First-Class/23 are printed in white against the blue background of the stamp, just below the USA.

Designed by Lon Busch, the stamps were printed in the photogravure process. The American Bank Note Company produced the coils of 10,000, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing manufactured the 500 and 3,000 coil version.


Postal Bulletin (July 23, 1992/ October 29, 1992).

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