Arago: 13-cent Mississippi

13-cent Mississippi

On February 7, 1894, the Mississippi State Legislature appointed a committee to design an official state flag. The flag, depicted on the 13-cent Mississippi State Flag stamp (Scott 1652), consists of the "union square" in the canton corner and a field divided into three bars of equal width—the top bar blue, the middle bar white, and the bottom bar, extending the entire width of the flag, red.

In the official wording of the legislation adopting the state flag, the Confederate Battle Flag in the canton corner is referred to as the "union square." The thirteen white stars on the cross (saltire) are ". . . corresponding with the number of the original States of the Union" rather than the thirteen states of the Confederate States of America. The field of the Mississippi flag consists of the same three bars of the first Confederate flag, the Stars and Bars, but the top stripe is blue. These three bars represent the 'national colors'.

In an overwhelming 2-1 vote on April 17, 2001, Mississippi voters rejected a series of design proposals intended to remove the representation of the Confederate Battle Flag from the canton corner of their state flag.


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