Arago: 13-cent North Carolina

13-cent North Carolina

The 13-cent North Carolina State Flag (Scott 1644) features a revised version of the state flag flown during the Civil War.

On June 22, 1861, North Carolina adopted a flag having a red field with two bars making up the fly, the top bar blue and the bottom bar white. Centered on the red field was a white five-pointed star, and above the star in a semi-circular mold was the date May 20, 1775, commemorating the "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence." Below the star was the date May 20, 1861, representing the date of North Carolina's secession from the Union.

In March, 1865, North Carolina adopted a revised design for its state flag. The flag's field was changed from red to blue. The top bar of the fly was changed from blue to red. The gilt letters 'N' and 'C' were placed on either side of the white star, and gilt scrolls were added above and below the star. The scroll above still displays the date of the "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence," but the date displayed in black letters on the lower scroll displays April 12, 1776, the date of the "Hallifax Resolves" instead of the date of secession.


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