Arago: 2-dollar Bobcat

2-dollar Bobcat

The 2-dollar multicolored Bobcat (Scott 2482) definitive stamp was released on June 1, 1990. Its release coincided with the opening of Napex ’90 in Arlington, Virginia. The Flora and Fauna Series had been originally announced as a commemorative-sized Wildlife series, intended to replace the Great American Series. Chuck Ripper designed the stamp, which was engraved at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing by Gary Chaconas (vignette) and Dennis Brown (lettering).

Printed on the Bureau’s six-color offset, three-color intaglio D Press (902), the Bobcat stamp was distributed in mini-panes of twenty. Its format is horizontal, four stamps across and five down on the pane. The magenta, yellow, cyan, and black colors were printed on the offset portion of the press using plates of eighty subjects. Intaglio printing sleeves of 160 subjects used black ink. The stamp was perforated 11.2 on the Eureka off-line perforator. “USPS” and “American Wildlife: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)” are printed in the selvage. There is one group of four offset plate numbers on the large margin of each pane and a single-digit intaglio sleeve number on the selvage of the adjacent stamp.

The Bobcat (Lynx rufus) is a small wild cat, indigenous to North America, with a reddish-brown or yellowish-brown coat streaked with black or dark brown. They have prominent, pointed ears with a tuft of black hair at the tip. Bobcats are named for their short or ‘bobbed’ tail, stand approximately 19–22 inches high at the shoulder, with the male typically weighing 24–35 lb.

The bobcats’ habitat includes deciduous forests, semi-deserts, scrublands, and wooded areas in most of the United States and Mexico and a few parts of southern Canada. They are carnivores that typically hunt wild rabbits, hares, and rodents but will also attempt to hunt deer in winter months when other food is scarce.


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