Arago: 19-cent Fawn

19-cent Fawn

Issued on March 11, 1991, the 19-cent multicolored Fawn definitive covered the new postcard rate. The stamp’s subject corresponded with the Flower theme of the non-denominated (29-cent) F-stamps issued a few weeks earlier. Peter Cocci designed the magenta, cyan, yellow, black, and green stamp. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produced the issue on the seven-color Andreotti gravure press (601) using gravure printing cylinders with four hundred subjects. The stamp was perforated 11½ x 11 on the Eureka off-line perforator. One group of five cylinder numbers appears alongside the corner stamp. “©U.S. Postal Service 1991” and “Use Correct ZIP Code ®” are printed in the selvage. The stamp was distributed in panes of one hundred, ten stamps across and ten down on the pane.

A deer is a ruminant mammal belonging to the family Cervidae. Young deer are called calves or fawns. The fawn depicted on the stamp is a White-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus), a medium-sized deer found throughout most of the continental United States, southern Canada, Mexico, Central America, and northern South America.

A doe usually gives birth to one or two fawns at a time. Most fawns are born with white-spotted fur, though they lose their spots as they mature. A fawn takes its first steps within twenty minutes of birth. After two days, it is able to walk, and by three weeks it can run and jump. The fawn and its mother stay together for about one year and then go separate ways. A male usually never sees his mother again, but females sometimes come back with their own fawns and form small herds.

The White-tailed deer is the state mammal (or game mammal) of Wisconsin (1957), Pennsylvania (1959), South Carolina (1972), Mississippi (1974), Nebraska (1981), Illinois (1982), New Hampshire (1983), Ohio (1988), Oklahoma (1990), Arkansas (1993), and Michigan (1997).

The White-tailed Deer was also depicted on the American Wildlife booklet stamp (Scott 1888).


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