Arago: 1990 Love Issue

1990 Love Issue

The 25-cent Love special stamp was issued on January 18, 1990, in Romance, Arkansas. The stamp features two blue lovebirds over a deep pink heart and a decorative green garland. Designed by Jayne Hertko, this issue is the ninth edition in the popular Love Series.

In response to increasing consumer demand for more convenience, this Love stamp was produced in both sheet and booklet format. Five-dollar Love stamp booklets, containing two panes of ten stamps were available.

The stamps were the new special size that had been introduced with the 1988 Christmas stamps.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing printed the booklets, and the United States Banknote Company produced the sheet stamps. Both stamps were produced by the photogravure process.


Postal Bulletin (December 28, 1989).

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