Arago: John Trumbull Issue

John Trumbull Issue

The 6-cent John Trumbull postage stamp, the eighth in the annually issued American Painting Series, was first placed on sale on October 18, 1968, at New Haven, Connecticut. The stamp featured a detail from the painting "The Battle of Bunker Hill," which is held in the Yale University collection.

The stamp was printed in muted tones of yellow and red, applied by offset, with black added by the Giori press. Lieutenant Grosvenor, wearing yellow breeches, white blouse, dark jacket, and dark plumed hat, holds a sword in his left hand because his right hand has received a wound. Peter Salem, in red breeches, stands behind the officer. He holds a flintlock aloft. In the background is the haze of battle, with smoke rising over Boston Harbor.

The stamp was issued in panes of fifty, with an initial printing of 120 million.


Postal Bulletin (October 3, 1968).

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