Arago: 1967 Christmas Issue

1967 Christmas Issue

The 5-cent Christmas stamp was placed on sale at Bethlehem, Georgia, on November 6, 1967.

The design was based on a painting by Hans Memling, Flemish master of the Renaissance. The painting, "Madonna and Child With Angels," is in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. The stamp duplicated the 1966 design but was nearly twice as large so that the rich details of the painting were more adequately portrayed.

The Madonna's gown and portions of the tapestry were printed by lithography. A second offset plate applied orange to the tapestry, blending with the blue to produce green. Some portions of the tapestry were orange. The stamps were then moved to the Giori press, where deep brown, light brown, and red were printed. Deep brown established lines of the background and the pillars. Light brown printed the hair, flesh tones and lettering to the left. Red printed the mantle and the lettering beneath the picture.

The stamp was issued in panes of fifty, with an initial printing of 1 billion 200 million.


Postal Bulletin (October 19, 1967).

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