Arago: Accomplishments in Space Issue

Accomplishments in Space Issue

These 5-cent twin stamps saluting the Nation's space accomplishments were first placed on sale on September 29, 1967, at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

On the upper left and lower left panes, the astronaut stamp was the first, third, and fifth stamps; the spaceship was the second and fourth. This arrangement was reversed on the upper right and lower right panes. In these positions, the spaceship was the first, third, and fifth stamps, with the astronaut on the second and fourth.

Offset and intaglio were combined to produce the stamp, which had one horizontal plate number. Offset printed the red stripes in the flags on the astronaut's spacesuit and capsule and light blue sky areas, as well as the inscription on the astronaut stamp. The Giori press printed dark blue sky areas, the aqua earth, and black tones on the capsule and astronaut. The inscription on the spaceship stamp was white.

The stamps were designed by Paul Calle of Stamford, Connecticut, and were issued in panes of fifty, with an initial printing of 120 million.


Postal Bulletin (August 3, 1967).


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