Arago: "Search for Peace" Lions Issue

"Search for Peace" Lions Issue

This 5-cent Search for Peace commemorative stamp was issued on July 5, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois, in conjunction with the Lions [Club] International convention. As a part of its 50th anniversary activities, the Lions sponsored a "Search for Peace" essay contest, and the commemorative stamp reflects the theme of this program. The contest invited young people ages fourteen to twenty-two from the more than 120 countries and geographical areas served by the Lions to submit plans for world peace.

Bradbury Thompson of Riverside, Connecticut, designed the stamp. Thompson based the vignette on the ancient Greek symbol for peace, the dove and laurel branch, from Jacob Bryant's "Analysis of Ancient Mythology."

The stamp was printed by the Giori press, issued in panes of fifty, and authorized for initial printing of 120 million.


Postal Bulletin (June 8, 1967).

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