Arago: John Singleton Copley Issue

John Singleton Copley Issue

This 5-cent stamp honoring John Singleton Copley (1738-1815) and featuring a portion of his painting "The Copley Family" was released for sale in Washington, DC, on September 17, 1965.

Designed by John Carter Brown, the stamp features a reproduction of the artist's painting of his daughter, Elizabth Clark Copley. It is the fifth in the Fine Arts Series.

Full-color reproduction of American art on stamps began in 1961 with "The Smoke Signal" by Frederic Remington. A year later, Winslow Homer's well-known seascape "Breezing Up" was featured. An aquatint of "Columbia Jays" by John James Audubon was the 1963 issue, and the stamp previous to this one featured in the series was Charles M. Russell's "Jerked Down."

The stamp was printed on the Giori press and issued in panes of fifty. An initial printing of 115 million stamps was authorized.


Postal Bulletin (August 19, 1965).

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