Arago: John Muir Issue

John Muir Issue

This 5-cent stamp honoring the naturalist John Muir was issued through the Martinez, California, post office on April 29, 1964. John Muir was born in 1838 in Dubar, Scotland. He moved with his family to Wisconsin at an early age and later attended the University of Wisconsin. Muir spent most of his adult life in California, and a large part of his fame rests on his successful crusade to save California's giant redwoods. He died in 1914.

Designed by Rudolph Wendelin, the stamp portrays a redwood forest with a shaft of light coming down at an angle through the trees to highlight a hiker. Superimposed on this background is a drawing of Muir's face.

This stamp was printed on the Giori press and issued in panes of fifty stamps each. An initial printing of 125 million stamps was authorized.


Postal Bulletin (March 26, 1964).


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