Arago: 15-cent Statue of Liberty

15-cent Statue of Liberty

Simply labeled “Liberty,” the 15-cent stamp depicts the Statue of Liberty, which has welcomed soldiers home and greeted hopeful immigrants since 1886. Designed by Frederic August Bartholdi, the people of France presented the statue to the people of the United States in that year. It stands in New York Harbor. The 15-cent stamp was the first to bear an image of the Statue of Liberty, which has since appeared on numerous issues.

Clair Aubrey Houston, who designed the stamp, drew inspiration from an 1888 engraving by Charles Skinner for the vignette. Skinner worked for the American Bank Note Company. Louis S. Schofield engraved the die for the vignette. Edward M. Hall and Joachim C. Benzing engraved the frame, which is unique in the series.

The stamp, sometimes used to pay the registration fee beginning in 1925, was initially printed on the flat plate press and issued on November 11, 1922. The stamp was subsequently printed on the Stickney rotary press.

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