Arago: 13-cent Harrison

13-cent Harrison

Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), grandson of the nation's ninth president (William Henry Harrison, 1841), a Civil War veteran, and president of the United States, appears on the 13-cent stamp. The stamp was not contemplated for the series as originally conceived but added to the series in 1926.

Harrison holds the unique distinction of having defeating the sitting president, Grover Cleveland, in 1889. Four years later Cleveland reclaimed the office by defeating Harrison. Harrison had previously appeared on the 13-cent stamp in the Series of 1902. Clair Aubrey Huston, who engraved the 1926 Harrison stamp, based the vignette on the same photograph of Harrison that was the source of the 1902 stamp. That photograph was taken by the firm of McHugh and Sherman at an unknown date. John Eissler engraved the die for the vignette, and Edward M. Hall and Joachim C. Benzing engraved the frame.

Initially printed on the flat plate press, the stamp was subsequently also printed on the Stickney rotary press. It was issued January 11, 1926, both in Washington, D.C., and Harrison’s adopted hometown, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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