Arago: Jamestown Exposition Issue

Jamestown Exposition Issue

The Jamestown Exposition, held from April 26 to December 1, 1907, at Hampton Roads (near Norfolk, Virginia) commemorated the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown settlement. The settlement was the first permanent British colony in America following the 1587 failure of the Roanoke settlement in what is now North Carolina.

Three single-color stamps bearing the inscription “Commemorative Series 1907” were issued in conjunction with the Jamestown Exposition. The 2-cent denomination shows the landing of the English colonists in an illustration titled "Founding of Jamestown, 1607." Two of the most recognized figures associated with the settlement are depicted on the other two stamps: Captain John Smith, who promoted the settlement and is credited with its success, is portrayed on the 1-cent stamp; Pocahontas, who purportedly intervened to save the life of Captain Smith, is portrayed on the 5-cent stamp.