Arago: 24-cent DeHavilland Biplane

24-cent DeHavilland Biplane

The 24-cent stamp featuring the deHavilland 195 biplane in flight was first issued at the Post Office Department’s Philatelic Agency in Washington, D.C., on August 21, 1923. Originally scheduled to be printed in dark brown, the stamp's color was changed to carmine/deep carmine when the design by C. A. Huston was approved on August 14, 1923. The stamp was engraved by J. Eissler and E. M. Hall.

Four plate numbers were used (14840–14843) for this design. The plate numbers appear eight times on each four hundred-subject sheet adjacent to the fifth stamp from each outside corner, so that each pane of one hundred stamps has two plate number blocks of six.

The 24-cent stamp paid the airmail postage on an item of one ounce or less across all three zones of the Transcontinental Air Mail Route (New York-San Francisco and San Francisco–New York) or a triple-weight letter over one zone.

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