Arago: 6-cent Curtiss Jenny

6-cent Curtiss Jenny

By late 1918, the Post Office Department decided to make optional the special delivery service incorporated into the airmail rate. This rate reduction from sixteen cents to six cents benefited both mail patrons and the airmail industry, which had grown steadily since additional service points had been established, including airfields in the Midwest.

On December 10, 1918, the third and final Jenny stamp was placed on sale, with the reduced rate taking effect December 15. Orange in color, the paper, perforation, and design were identical to the earlier Jenny stamps. A single plate, no. 1955, eventually produced just over two million copies. Stocks remained on sale until 1927. A second plate was prepared for production, no. 9164, but no sheets were printed for release.

All sheets had the right and bottom margins trimmed away, as before, to fit easily into current folders. Customers desiring the special delivery service to the recipient added the necessary ten-cent postage to the fee. In July of 1919, the rate for mail carried by airplane was reduced to two cents an ounce or fraction thereof, equaling the domestic letter ground rate, virtually eliminating the need for the third and final Jenny issue.

As with the excess stocks of all three values of the Jenny airmail stamps, many were used on registered mail and packages sent by parcel post.

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