Arago: 14-cent Pierce

14-cent Pierce

The likeness of Franklin Pierce (1804-1869), the fourteenth president of the United States, appears on the 14-cent denomination of the 1938 Presidential Series. A medal produced by the U.S. Mint inspired the image of Pierce. The stamp was issued on October 6, 1938.

A hero of the Mexican War, Pierce was elected to the U.S. Congress at age twenty-nine and then to the Senate four years later. A compromise candidate, Pierce received a huge voter mandate but served only one presidential term (1853-1857).

The Bureau produced the 14-cent dark blue Presidential issue only in sheet form. This was Pierce's first appearance on a postage stamp. The Pierce stamp saw limited use and single frankings are difficult to find. One example paid by a single 14-cent stamp would be the international surface rate for four ounces (five cents for the first ounce and three cents for each of the next three ounces), in effect October 1, 1907, through October 31, 1943.


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