Arago: 10-cent Tyler

10-cent Tyler

The likeness of John Tyler (1790-1862), the tenth president of the United States, appears on the orange-brown 10-cent denomination of the 1938 Presidential Series. A bust of Tyler displayed in the Rotunda of the Virginia State Capitol inspired the image. Tyler had not previously appeared on a postage stamp.

The first vice president to assume the presidency, Tyler took office when President William Henry Harrison died thirty days into his term. Tyler finished the term (1841-1845) but did not seek re-election.

The 10-cent denomination was released in two forms, as a sheet stamp (September 2, 1938) and as a horizontal (sidewise) coil (January 20, 1939).

While the Tyler stamp saw extensive use in combination with other stamps, collectors looking for a solo usage should search the following:

1) half-ounce airmail covers to a few U.S. possessions—e.g., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (in effect the Summer 1929 through January 14, 1945) and the Canal Zone (rate in effect April 1, 1945, through September 30, 1946); mail to a few international destinations—e.g., Jamaica (rate in effect November 15, 1930, through October 31, 1946), Bermuda (rate in effect February 14, 1938, through October 31, 1946); the uniform airmail rate to Central and South America (in effect November 1, 1946, through June 30, 1961); international postcards to most countries (in effect June 1, 1954, through June 30, 1961).


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