Arago: 4-cent Franklin Quotation

4-cent Franklin Quotation

The Post Office Department issued the second stamp in the American Credo Series on March 31, 1960, at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The 4-cent stamp features a touch of Benjamin Franklin's wisdom, "Fear to do ill, and you need fear nought else," from his Poor Richard's Almanac. Like the other American Credo stamps, the 4-cent Franklin paid the postage for a one-ounce domestic-rate letter.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing printed the stamp, perforated 11, from 200-subject plates on the multicolor Giori Press. The 200-subject sheets were divided into panes of fifty for distribution to post offices. Four plates were used to print the stamp: 26582, 26587, 26589, and 26591.

Frank P. Conley of New York designed the stamp, and Charles R. Chickering modeled it. Robert J. Jones engraved the stamp's die's frame, and Howard F. Sharpless engraved its vignette.

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