Arago: 6-cent Lincoln

6-cent Lincoln

The 6-cent rose Lincoln of the American Bank Note Company 1881-1882 Re-Engraved Issue is distinct in color from all earlier printings. The National Bank Note issue was printed in carmine; the Continental Bank Note issue was printed in dull pink; and the ABNCo 1879 issue was printed in pink. Special printings in 1875 and 1880 were printed in dull rose.

As part of the re-engraving, the frame of this stamp was reworked by ABNCo engraver George Seymour, who erased some frame border lines and darkened several other areas on the frame. Seymour would make many substantial contributions to the engraving of the Columbian Issue a decade later.

The 6-cent Lincoln was printed on the same soft porous paper that had been used for the previous ABNCo Issue. The most popular single usage for this stamp was to pay the double-weight, first-class rate for domestic mail, but it was also used in combination with other denominations to fulfill larger weight and foreign destination rates. Approximately 11,360,800 stamps of this issue were printed by American Bank Note Company.

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