Arago: Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment

Workers bring not only skills and knowledge to the job. They also frequently bring their own tools, instruments, and personal effects. The Postal Service issues some supplies to employees, especially city letter carriers and clerks. A number of postal workers, however, continue supplying their own equipment. Rural carriers, for instance, receive a few supplies to process mail along their routes, but must furnish their own vehicles. Moreover, many employees contribute items that would make their work more efficient and safe.

Additional Records
  • Overview
  • Amelia Earhart's flight suit
  • Sea Post Clerk Oscar S. Woody's personal effects bag
  • Rural letter carrier's cash and stamp box
  • Rural Letter Carrier's cash and stamp box
  • Rural letter carrier’s cash and stamp box
  • Rural letter carrier’s cash and stamp box
  • Pilot Edward Gardner's aviation face mask
  • Pilot Edward Gardner's aviation leggings
  • Pilot Edward Gardner’s flight suit
  • Rural letter carrier's carriage heater
  • Aviation goggles used by pilot Eddie Gardner

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