Arago: Mail Processing

Mail Processing
  • J. Stryker personal handstamp
  • V-Mail microfilm strip
  • USS Nautilus pictorial cachet handstamp
  • Owens-style mailbox
  • Military Postal Express Service duplex handstamp
  • Deschler Mailbox Co. RFD Joroleman-style mailbox
  • Man in the moon fancy cancel handstamp
  • Van Dorn lamppost mailbox
  • Mail pouch from first airmail flight over the North Pole
  • Hanson postal scale
  • Auxiliary handstamp, Deliver to addressee only
  • USS Oklahoma postmark handstamp
  • Mailbox remnant from Johnstown, PA, flood
  • Transorma mail sorting machine sign
  • Auxiliary handstamp, TO AVOID DELAY IN DELIVERY OF YOUR MAIL...
  • Auxiliary handstamp, UNKNOWN
  • Mail pouch
  • Letter slot
  • Handstamp
  • German Valley, NJ, postmark handstamp
  • Handstamp, DUPLICATE
  • Railway Post Office mail sack label
  • Rotary registry padlock
  • Kansas City, MO, Air Mail Field duplex handstamp
  • Perforating paddle
  • Quincy and Kansas City RPO duplex handstamp
  • Pitney meter die member
  • Lever pouch padlock
  • Sea Post Clerk Oscar S. Woody's set of keys
  • Rotary registry padlock
  • Church Street Post Office mail sack
  • Mail pouch
  • Union, ME, duplex  handstamp
  • Church Street Post Office mail sack
  • Mail lock
  • Kicking mule fancy cancel handstamp
  • Auxiliary handstamp, UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED
  • Cleveland and Cincinnati HPO duplex handstamp
  • Church Street letter sorting unit 24D-3
  • Lindbergh cachet handstamp

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