Arago: 10-cent Map of Panama

10-cent Map of Panama

The 10-cent Map stamp was originally ordered in April 1911 and resembled the previous 13-cent Map stamp but with the 10-cent denomination replacing the 13-cent denomination. Panama ordered 200,000 of these stamps to be overprinted CANAL ZONE by the ABNCo, and they were apparently delivered to the Canal Zone August 22, 1911. However, the Canal Zone had just placed the ten-cent surcharge on the 13-cent stamp on sale in the post offices a few months earlier to pay the ten-cent registry fee, and this new 10-cent Map stamp was not issued to the public until January 6, 1914.

There were no noticeable errors in this issue, but at least one pane had badly misplaced vertical perforations, and collectors have saved stamps from it.

When the ABNCo archives were sold in 1990, collectors saw from the hand stamp on the top selvage of the Specimen stamps that this order was F 2932 and was dated MAY 26, 1911. There was no engraved number on the selvage because the ABNCo had not yet begun to engrave the order numbers on the plates.

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