Arago: 1-cent Green Map

1-cent Green Map

The American Banknote Company printed the 1-cent Green Map on May 14, 1904, as F (Foreign order) 389. It was printed in 'pink' for the Republic of Panama. Though similar to the stamps produced for Panama in 1892, the stamp had a new border that included the words REPUBLIC DE PANAMA and the date of independence, 3 DE NOVIEMBER DE 1903. Seymour engraved the border.

The ABNCo internal index number was C 624-26409, and on the only large die proof known, “C-624” and “AMERICAN BANK NOTE CO NY” appear in the issued green color under the proof of the stamp.

Because of the date, some think the 1-cent Green Map was to be released on November 3, 1904, the first anniversary of the new republic. For reasons never made clear, however, it was not released on November 3. It was first released in the Canal Zone with the "CANAL ZONE" overprint on December 12, 1904. It was later issued without the overprints in Panama in May 1905.

There are several overprint errors on this stamp, including "CANAL ZONE" inverted and doubled.


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