Arago: Flag Issue

Flag Issue

The Department issued this 4-cent commemorative stamp portraying the American flag in natural colors through the Washington, DC, post office on July 4, 1957. Designed by Victor S. McCloskey, Jr., the central subject of the stamp is the American flag waving in the breeze. The quotation "Long may it wave," in dark Gothic, is shown directly beneath the flag. In the lower left corner of the stamp, arranged in two lines, is the denomination "4c" and the word "Postage" in dark Gothic. A dark panel across the bottom frames the wording "United States of America," in whiteface Gothic.

The stamp was printed on pre-gummed paper by the Giori process and issued in panes of fifty stamps each. The red and blue were printed by the intaglio process, with the paper constituting the white color. An initial printing of 40 million stamps was authorized.


Postal Bulletin (June 27, 1957)

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