Arago: School Teachers Issue

School Teachers Issue

The Department issued this 3-cent stamp to honor the Teachers of America, through the Philadelphia Pennsylvania, post office on July 1, 1957. The first day of issue coincided with the centennial convention of the National Education Association.

Portrayed on the stamp is a young woman teacher conferring with a girl and boy over a world globe. The wording "Honoring the Teachers of America," in dark Gothic, is arranged in two lines at the top of the stamp. Directly below, arranged in five lines, is the wording "National Education Association 1857-1957," in whiteface Gothic. In a panel across the bottom of the stamp is "United States Postage 3c," also in whiteface Gothic.

The stamp was printed by the rotary process, electric-eye perforated, and issued in panes of fifty stamps each. An initial printing of 40 million stamps was authorized.


Postal Bulletin (June 13, 1957)


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