Arago: 3-cent King Salmon

3-cent King Salmon

The 3-cent King Salmon stamp, the last of the three stamps issued in 1956 to emphasize the importance of wildlife conservation in America, was issued in Seattle, Washington, on November 9, 1956.

The design depicts king salmon on its annual migration upstream to the spawning ground. This design was reproduced from a drawing by Robert W. (Bob) Hines, artist of Fish and Wildlife Service, US Department of the Interior. The king salmon offers an outstanding example of the conservation work being carried on by federal and state governments. King salmon continues to be a valuable commercial and sport fish in the United States.

The stamp is 0.84 by 1.44 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally, printed by the rotary process, electric-eye perforated, and issued in sheets of fifty. The color of the stamp is green.


Postal Bulletin (October 4, 1956).

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