Arago: 11-cent Partridge

11-cent Partridge

Alden Partridge, US military educator and founder of Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont, was honored with a stamp in the Great Americans Series. The 11-cent stamp was issued in Northfield, Vermont, on February 12, 1985.

Often considered the spiritual father of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Partridge pioneered the advancement of a military-oriented education in civilian colleges and universities.

Upon graduation from West Point in 1806, Partridge remained there as an instructor for a decade and later served as acting superintendent for more than a year. In 1819, he founded the American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy, which became Norwich University in 1834, one of the first engineering-oriented schools in the United States

In addition to founding Norwich and at least seven other similar institutions, Partridge served as the surveyor general of Vermont and was elected to the state legislature for four terms. He died in Norwich, VT, in 1854.

Robert Anderson of Lexington, Massachusetts, designed the stamp. It was printed in the intaglio process and issued in panes of 100. Art director was Richard Sheaff; typographer was Bradbury Thompson; modeler was Ronald C. Sharpe; engravers were Robert G. Culin, Sr. (lettering and numerals) and John S. Wallace (vignette).


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