Arago: 2-cent Stravinsky

2-cent Stravinsky

A 2-cent regular issue postage stamp honoring Igor Stravinsky was issued in New York, New York, on November 18, 1982. The First Day of Issue ceremony was held in the New York State Theatre at the Lincoln Center.

Stravinsky, a Russian-American composer, was one of the most significant musical innovators of all time. He introduced the era of modern classical music in the early twentieth century. During his career, which spanned over sixty years, he produced masterpieces such as "Firebird," "Petrouchka," and "The Rite of Spring." Stravinsky was also an accomplished conductor and pianist.

The Igor Stravinsky stamp was issued during the 100th anniversary of his birth as part of the Great Americans Series. Initiated in 1980, the series honored Sequoyah, George Mason, Rachel Carson, Dr. Charles Drew, Crazy Horse, Dr. Ralph Bunche, and Dr. Robert Millikan.

Burt Silverman of New York, New York, designed the stamp. It was printed in the intaglio process and issued in panes of 100. The modeler was Clarence Holbert.


Postal Bulletin (October 14, 1982).

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