Arago: 11-cent Souvenir Sheet

11-cent Souvenir Sheet

The 11-cent FIPEX souvenir sheet was first placed on sale at New York, New York, on April 28, 1956. The issuance coincided with the opening day of the Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition (FIPEX), held in the New York Coliseum, New York, from April 28 to May 6, 1956.

The sheet is 2.875 by 4.25 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally, and printed on the flat bed press on pre-gummed paper. The sheet is not perforated. It was valid for postage whether used in its entirety or the stamps separated. The printing of 10,000,000 sheets was authorized.

In the left and right center, respectively, are shown enlarged reproductions of the 3-cent single color (purple) and the 8-cent bicolor (red and blue) Statue of Liberty stamps, series 1954-1956. The sheet was printed in red, blue, and purple. Printed in blue are the double outline border which frames the wording, "In Compliment to 5th International Philatelic Exhibition, 1956 New York, NY, Apr. 28-May 6," the facsimile signature of Arthur E. Summerfield, his title "Postmaster General of the United States," and the background of the 8-cent stamp. The 3-cent stamp is printed in purple. The central subject of the 8-cent stamp, the scroll work displayed on each side of the sheet, and the three stars in each corner of the sheet are printed in red.


Postal Bulletin (March 27, 1956).

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