Arago: Fort Ticonderoga Issue

Fort Ticonderoga Issue

A 3-cent stamp commemorating the bicentennial anniversary of Fort Ticonderoga was issued in Fort Ticonderoga, New York, on September 18, 1955.

The central design of the stamp incorporates a plan of Fort Ticonderoga as developed by Sebastien de Vauban, a figure of Ethan Allen, and artillery. The frame consists of a light background on which appears the lettering "Bicentennial" in script on the left side, "Fort Ticonderoga" in two-tone Roman across the top, "1755 1955" in script on the right side, and "United States Postage," also in two-tone Roman, across the bottom. The denomination "3c" in whiteface Roman appears in a dark square panel in each of the four corners.

The stamp is 0.84 by 1.44 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally, printed by the rotary process, electric-eye perforated, and issued in sheets of fifty. The color of the stamp is sepia. The printing of 120,000,000 stamps was authorized. The stamp was designed by Enrico Arno.


Postal Bulletin (August 16, 1955).


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