Arago: 50th Anniversary of Rotary International Issue

50th Anniversary of Rotary International Issue

An 8-cent stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of Rotary International was issued in Chicago, Illinois, on February 23, 1955. The Rotary Club of Chicago was formed on February 23, 1905 by Paul P. Harris. The basic design of the stamp was executed by W. W. Wind, who was commissioned by Rotary International to submit suggested stamp models.

The stamp has for its central subject a globe, symbolizing the worldwide scope of Rotary International. To the left of the globe is a flaming torch held aloft by a hand and arm, carrying enlightenment to all parts of the world. In the lower right corner of the stamp, superimposed on the globe, is the emblem of Rotary International. In the upper right portion of the design, above the globe, is the wording "US Postage" and the denomination designation "8c." Across the bottom of the stamp is the wording "1905 Service Above Self 1955." All lettering is in whiteface Gothic.

The stamp is 0.84 by 1.44 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally, printed by the rotary process, electric-eye perforated, and issued in sheets of fifty. The color of the stamp is blue. The printing of 80,000,000 stamps was authorized.


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