Arago: 12-cent Harrison

12-cent Harrison

President Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), the nation's twenty-third president, is featured on the 12-cent Liberty stamp issued on June 6, 1959, at Oxford, Ohio. Oxford is the home of Miami University, of which Harrison was one of the most distinguished alumni.

The likeness of Harrison was reproduced from a photograph taken by Charles Parker. Victor S. McCloskey, Jr., designed the portrait and lettering, and Charles R. Chickering the frame.

The new 12-cent stamp covered the postage for a three-ounce domestic letter. The rates had been in effect since August 1, 1958.

Harrison was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the nation's ninth President. He became a very capable lawyer and served with distinction in the Civil War, including the battles at Kennesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, and Nashville. After serving in the U.S. Senate, Harrison was selected as the presidential candidate by the Republican Party in 1888. He defeated Grover Cleveland.


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