Arago: 10-cent Independence Hall

10-cent Independence Hall

The Post Office Department announced that the eighteenth and final stamp of the Liberty Series would be issued on July 4, 1956, in conjunction with the 180th national observance of Independence Day. Although planned as the final stamp in the Liberty Series, eight more issues were eventually added.

The10-cent Independence Hall issue of the Liberty Series was issued at a special ceremony at Independence Square in Philadelphia. The view features the building as seen from Independence Square. It was designed by Charles R. Chickering, who prepared an original drawing. The engravers were Charles L. Brooks and George L. Huber of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Originally built as the Pennsylvania Capitol, Independence Hall dates to 1732, when construction began. Construction stretched over twenty years, and the Capitol was completed in 1753. The Second Continental Congress met in the building from 1775 through 1783, representatives from the thirteen colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence there on July 4, 1776, and the drafting and signing of the United States Constitution occurred there in 1787. In 1861 President Abraham Lincoln, upon visiting Independence Hall, declared “I am filled with deep emotion at finding myself standing in this place, where were collected together the wisdom, the patriotism, the devotion to principle, from which sprang the institutions under which we live.”

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