Arago: 9-cent The Alamo

9-cent The Alamo

The announcement for the issuance of the 9-cent stamp noted that the stamp features a view of the Alamo reproduced from a drawing by an artist at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. “The artist’s concept portrays the Spanish influence in architectural design, as well as the effects of time and erosion.” The stamp was issued on June 14, 1956, at San Antonio, Texas. It was designed by Charles R. Chickering.

Assistant Postmaster General Albert J. Robertson was the primary speaker at the first day ceremony. He remarked that the Alamo is “among the more important of our historical shrines. . . . The defense of the Alamo is high on the list of the truly great American feats of courage,” he stated. Americans laid down their lives in the name of liberty and freedom in defending the Alamo, and ever since this great architectural treasure has been an important symbol of America’s courageous love of freedom.

The 9-cent Alamo was used to meet the three-ounce first-class domestic letter rate.

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