Arago: 7-cent Wilson

7-cent Wilson

The 7-cent Liberty Series stamp honors Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), the twenty-eighth president of the United States. The stamp was first available to the public on January 10, 1956, at Wilson's birthplace, Staunton, Virginia. The likeness of Wilson was reproduced from a drawing by F. Graham Cootes. The portrait and the frame were designed by Victor S. McCloskey, Jr., and engraved by Richard M. Bower. The simple picture-frame effect and the stamp’s rose carmine ink make it a stunning portrait of the nation's twenty-eighth president.

The Woodrow Wilson Centennial Commission was formed to celebrate what would have been Wilson’s 100th birthday on December 28, 1956. January's first day ceremony launched the many celebrations that took place in 1956. A New York Times editorial about the 100th anniversary of Wilson's birth noted that his convictions and beliefs were designed “to create and protect equality of opportunity and a better life for all the American people.” Wilson’s dream of the League of Nations failed but ultimately culminated in the founding of the United Nations.

The Wilson stamp is frequently seen on certified mail. It was used with the new 15-cent certified mail stamp to pay the fee for a return receipt. The Post Office Department initiated Certified Mail service in 1956.

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