Arago: 3-cent United States Capitol

3-cent United States Capitol

The Post Office Department issued the 3-cent United States Capitol stamp to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Washington, DC, as the capital of the United States. Issued on November 22, 1950, in Washington, DC, it was the last of four stamps issued that year commemorating the capital's location. The first stamp in this series features the Statue of Freedom, which sits atop the Capitol dome.

Designed by R.L. Miller and engraved by C.T. Arlt, the stamp features the dates 1800-1950 in the upper right corner. The upper left corner describes the commemorative event, and the scrollwork under the Capitol reads, "United States of America." The 3-cent denomination splits the words in the middle.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing printed the stamp in bright red violet ink on the rotary press using the electric eye plate and 10 1/2 x 11 perforations. It issued the stamp on sheets of 200, which divided into four panes of fifty stamps each.


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