Arago: 3-cent Statue of Freedom

3-cent Statue of Freedom

The Post Office Department released a 3-cent stamp bearing an image of the Statue of Freedom on April 20, 1950. The statue sits atop the dome of the United States Capitol. The stamp was the first in a series of four stamps commemorating the 150th anniversary of Washington, DC, as the US capital.

Thomas Crawford designed the statue, which was erected in 1863. A thirty-five gun salute - one salute for each state — heralded the statue's dedication. Originally designed with a Phrygian cap, headgear associated with struggles for liberty, the statue was redesigned to wear a Roman helmet. Critics felt the original concept harkened undesirable memories of the French Revolution.

Victor S. McClosky, Jr., designed the stamp, and C. A. Brooks engraved it. On the statue's left appears the text "U. S. Postage," with the 3-cent denomination to its right. Printed on the base appear the words "National Capital Sesquicentennial 1800 Washington 1950."

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produced the stamp in bright blue on the rotary press, using the electric eye plate and 11 x 10.5 perforations. The stamp was issued in four panes of fifty each.


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