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Arago is your resource to the study of philately and postal operations as seen through the National Postal Museum's collection.

Named after Francois Arago (19th century French scientist and friend of James Smithson), our website upholds his philosophy that knowledge can be shared through the technology of the day.


Special histories told through selected assemblages of museum objects and exceptional private collections.
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Important Arago News

Since 2006, Arago has been a premier online resource for the study of philately and postal operations. Technology changes and server-support issues have required that we make immediate changes to the website in order to continue its availability to the public.

For technical and security reasons, we have had to disable some of the more advanced features of the site: user accounts, my collection, and advanced search. Until further notice, we are running a simplified version of the site. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes our users.

The National Postal Museum is moving forward with a complete re-design of the website. When completed, the website will be more user-friendly, interactive and provide our visitors additional features and functionality. Please bear with us as we work to provide our users and visitors with an improved online experience.